Easily Create a TurboTax TXF File for FREE

Save time by turning your CSV file of brokerage trades into the TXF format supported by TurboTax

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Get Started

Follow these steps:
  1. ClickChoose CSV Fileto pick your .CSV file to upload
  2. ClickConvertand if prompted select "save to file".
  3. Importthe downloaded TXF file in TurboTax.
Your CSV file should have ONLY the following six (6) columns in this EXACT order
(headers are optional):

Symbol Quantity Opening Date Opening Net Amount Closing Date Closing Net Amount
AAPL 100 10/01/2018 $21895.50 11/15/2018 30125.25

Important: Make sure you save as a CSV file with a .csv file extension. You can use Excel , Google Sheets or OpenOffice to rearrange columns if needed and save as a new .csv file.

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For Investors & Traders

If you are an investor with lots of trades and use TurboTax you likely have run in to the scenario where you need to import all your trades. TurboTax supports this but, you need to have a TXF file which with this site you can create from a CSV file.

What's a CSV file?

A CSV file is a comma separated values file. You can often download one from your broker or they can be created with Excel , Google Sheets or other spreadsheet program. The file you create should match the format previously described.

But, I have a PDF file?

If you received a PDF file you will first need to convert it to a CSV. There are several online conversion tools that may work depending on your file. Google is your friend.

Multiple Open/Close Dates?

If you have multiple opening or closing dates for a sale, which is common with mutual funds, you can use "various" instead of a date in either the opening or closing date columns.


I originally created this online tool in 2010 on my personal site to address my frustration with entering my trades in to TurboTax. In 2013 I rewrote and enhanced the technology and launched easytxf.com for a better user experience. I would love to hear your comments or suggestions.

Recent Updates

  • 02.24.19 - Upgraded infrastructure to improve performance
  • 03.13.16 - New site design and added support for variable dates
  • 02.10.15 - Improved csv format checking
  • 01.26.14 - Updated to be more forgiving of number formats and improved error messaging
  • 10.18.13 - Updated to support more date formats in csv files

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